garage pull up bar ideas

Training With The Help Of Garage Pull Up Bar

Today it’s important to keep fit and garage pull up bar is something that can help you to do that. If you can’t go in serious kinds of sport or if you don’t like jogging then you definitely should think of buying a ceiling garage pull up bar. The great plus of such an installation that it’s easy to be set up: you don’t have to be a crazy carpenter […]

garage office ideas

Garage Office As A Cool Alternative To In-house Offices

Today more and more people being freelancers or working partly at home think of arranging their own offices in their apartment or houses, but that can be a bit tough: nearests and dearest staying at home may bother them sometimes and so on, therefore we come up with an idea of making up garage offices! There are hundreds or even thousands garage home office ideas that you may find when […]

garage gym ideas crossfit

Garage Gym Ideas For Those Who Stick To Healthy Lifestyle

This article will reveal to you amazing secrets connected with garage gym ideas. If you have always dreamed of starting a new life and going in some kind of sport then you may think of arranging a crossfit zone in you garage. There are thousands of garage gym crossfit ideas in the Internet, so you can find and choose whatever you want or even plan your of crossfit area. The […]

garage door ranch style

Garage Door Design For The Real Connoisseurs Of Cool Doors

There are many talks about how to make garage look amazing by decorating its walls, by adorning its interior, by putting new floors, but it’s not that common to discuss garage door design. That’s a huge mistake and problem that we’re going to solve. This text will provide you with awesome garage door design ideas. So, why are doors important? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple: door […]

simple garage roof design

Cool Ideas Of Garage Roof Design

For how long have you been thinking of renewing your garage roof design? Have you thought of it at all? Maybe, you suppose it doesn’t matter how the roofs look like as soon as nobody really pay attention to them, don’t you? That’s a bias! When people come in any room they assess it on the whole. The assessment is given to the walls, to the floors, to the windows, […]


The Best Garage Layout Ideas

Garage is not just a place to store cars, but also an opportunity to make the house more spacious. When there are more things than space in the house, the garage will be a perfect place for their storing. There are many garage storage layout ideas, which can suggest how to put everything you need into your garage and not to clutter it up. The Most Creative Storage Layout Ideas […]

garage storage solutions ideas

Modern Functional Garage Storage Solutions

Workshop may occupy the entire garage, or can be placed in a narrow room, but there are a few practical garage storage solutions to organize the space properly. Plastic containers and open boxes provide quick access to the tools. It is easy to take the box with all its contents from the shelf. For storage of accessories and hardware organizers will be handy. It is convenient to sort screws and […]

garage storage cabinets resin

Convenience And Practicality Of Garage Storage Units

Garage storage units are the best assistants in restoring order in a garage. There are lots of ready-made plastic or metal structures which are convenient to place car accessories, various tools, instruments for gardening etc. Choosing a cabinet for the garage, one should pay attention to its size and storage system. It is rather handy to use designs which allow you to adjust the shelves’ height so that you could […]

garage storage shelves with bins

Design Features Of Garage Storage Shelves

Garage storage shelves are a necessary attribute of a modern motorist, because sooner or later every garage owner faces the issue how to organize the storage of various items, such as spare parts, chemicals, tools, sets of tires, bicycles, skis, kids’ sleds, cleaning equipment etc. Garage storage containers are perfect for garages, halls, storerooms and warehouses. You can use roomy plastic containers, for which special rails on the ceiling are […]

garage storage ideas for bikes

Optimize Space Using Garage Storage For Bikes

Garage storage for bikes is an additional piece of furniture. That is why special cabinets for bikes are installed mainly in spacious apartments and garages. But in return, such systems provide the most comfortable conditions for winter storage of the bike, ensuring its safety and good condition. Garage organizer for bikes which involves a special stand or a rack for bicycle allows using not only the wall, but the unused […]